Threat Databases

These links will open a new browser window and take you to the threat databases of various companies.

If you find a broken link, do not hesitate to contact us so that we may update it. 

Symantec is the company behind Norton Antivirus. Symantec's security research centers publishes a database of various threats, risks and vulnerabilities. They also list threats from A to Z to simplify research.

Click Here to Visit Symantec's Database

McAfee's Threat Center allows visitors to verify if specific application names,  IP addresses, domain names or website URL's are safe. They also provide information when users enter a specific malware name.

Click here to visit McAfee's Theat Center


Eset's Threat Center offers global threat reports as well as a threat encyclopedia giving precise information on a large amount of specific threats. Their Threat Center also offers malware signature information.

Click here to visit Eset's Threat Center

Microsoft's Malware Encyclopedia offers a search tool to find specific threats. They also regularly update their database with new threats to inform Windows users of recent malware. Finally, they offer advice on how to remove threats and protect their users.

Click here to visit Microsoft's Malware Encyclopedia

Need Threat Protection?

To Remove Threats, download our software: Threat Support Anti-Malware. This tool is engineered to remove viruses, malware as well as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Scanning is free to ensure the threats you wish to remove can be detected, full functionality for a period of 6 months requires purchase at a cost of $39.97 USD.

SEset's Threat Center offers global threat reports an IP address is malicious. It also contains threat information namely information about: viruses and spyware, vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior and files, controlled applications, adware and PUAs and hoaxes

Click here to visit Sophos Threat Analysis

Kasperky has a site geared towards security information. They publish various reports, threat analysis and descriptions as well as multiples news about malware. This resource is a very complete source of information for people looking to learn about computer security.

Click here to visit Kaspersky's Secure List

Panda Security has a website section where they offer a bulletin of information about computer threats. They also give information about the most active viruses as well as hoaxes and spyware information.

Click here to visit Panda's Information Section

Trend Micro has a website section called Security Intelligence where visitors can find current threat activity, a threat encyclopedia as well as research and analysis the company publishes. 

Click here to visit Trend Micro's Security Intelligence

AVG offers a search tool that helps users find information about specific threats. This tool is limited since it doesn't contain an easy to search A to Z database, it can however be worth a try if you know which threat you are looking for.

Click here to visit AVG's Encyclopedia

Avira's Virus Lab lists threats and provides basic information. For each threat you can click to obtain a summary, more detailed information as well as statistics.

Click here to visit Avira's Virus Lab