Threat Support Anti-Malware

Threat Support Anti-Malware is an advanced software providing its users with complete protection from viruses, spyware, rogue programs, trojans, adware, rootkit, dialers, worms, parasites and other potentially harmful programs along with other malware that might cause computer failures, cause system errors, reduce performance and might even destroy or expose sensitive data to third parties.

Malware is more and more common nowadays and will only continue to affect more computers in the future. Malware are very profitable programs for cyber criminals and are constantly being developed, anyone using the internet should be aware of this threat and should have proper protection.

Download Threat Support Anti-Malware today to protect from cyber threats.

Advanced Threat Scanner

Threat Support Anti-Malware uses one of the most advanced SDK (Software Development Kit). SDK's are essentially what builds the scanning feature of a software, the more advanced it is, the more threats can be detected.

We engineered our software using the most advanced techniques available. Threat Support checks your system for active malware infections and compares its findings with the signatures of over 450,000 threat definitions.

Threat Support also offers features that other software do not such as a startup manager and a browser plugin manager. We also optimized our software so that it removes programs that are not considered threats but that are usually unwanted by Windows users.

Threat Support Removes More Threats than Other Software

Most security software are designed to remove only viruses and malware, our software is also designed to remove PUP (Potentially unwanted programs) which are essentially composed of browser hijackers and adware. Those programs are not considered threats due to the fact that the users usually gives his consent to their installation, however some of these programs do not have regular uninstallation features which can annoy Windows users. Threat Support offers a solution to this problem which makes it a superior program to its competitors.

Threat Support Anti-Malware is engineered to detect multiple kinds of threats, including viruses. Viruses were mainly present during the initial phases of the internet, nowadays malware is more prevalent. We still decided to offer our users virus protection to ensure their computer is as safe as possible.

Malware is malicious code designed to execute specific unauthorized functions on a computer without raising any alarms. Malware differs from viruses as it is designed to be undetectable whereas most viruses are meant to cause unwanted effects that are identifiable. Detecting malware is crucial for a security software to have any value. Threat Support can detect most malware threats present today,

Rootkits are malicious programs designed to run hidden code in the registry. Not every antivirus software available can detect such threats since they are specifically coded to hide from security software. Threat Support has been engineered to identify rootkits  and remove them despite the difficulty it poses making Threat Support one of the most advanced security tool available.

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) are an epidemic. Multiple companies use such programs to boost their revenues via online advertising. PUP is mainly what people refer to as ''Browser Hijackers'' or ''Adware''. Those programs are usually not considered malicious as they are usually installed with user consent. Threat Support does remove those programs which makes it superior to other utilities, including the most well known brands.

Users Testimonials

I had a virus that would not be removed by any program, I downloaded 6 before trying yours and I finally got rid of this annoying FBI warning that kept popping up whenever I would go on the internet. Thank you!

Alex, Canada

My computer was constantly freezing and I didn't know what was going on, I was using free tools to see if I had any virus slowing down my PC and nothing would come up.  When I scanned with your software it detected a lot of infections, I removed them and those random freezes are gone! Thanks a lot!

Jerry, New York