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Threat Name: Ransom. Win32/Tescrypt

Threat category: Ransomware

Installation: This threat is dropped by the following viruses:

  • Exploit:SWF/Axpergle
  • Exploit:JS/Neclu
  • JS/Fiexp
  • JS/Anogre

Files dropped by this threat:

  • %APPDATA%\key.dat
  • %APPDATA%\wcpfgmt.exe
  • %desktopdirectory%
  • CryptoLocker.lnk

Threat Actions:

This threat will modify some file extensions by adding the following to the file extension.: .ecc or .ezz

It will also create the following mutexes:

  • AMResourceMutex2
  • dslhufdks3
  • VideoRenderer

To learn what a mutex is, visit this section of the official Microsoft site.

This virus will also display the following pop up window requesting payment of a ransom. DO NOT pay the requested ransom.



How to Remove this Threat?

1. The first thing we recommend when infected by a ransomware threat is to  attempt using Windows Restore. Using a restore point will return your computer to the state it was at the restore point date without affecting your files, only installed programs are affected (including some threats that were installed since).

2. If using Windows Restore fails, run your antivirus software, virus definitions are regularly updated by security companies. Although hackers and cyber criminals creating malware are always one step ahead, security companies are not far behind.

3. If you do not have an antivirus software, we highly recommend you get one, being properly protected is of growing importance since we now use the internet for financial transactions.

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